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Cloudnine Realtime Conducts Webinar To Talk Of Office 365 Email Hosting

Cloudnine Realtime Conducts Webinar To Talk Of Office 365 Email Hosting

Cloudnine Realtime, a reputed service that deals in cloud solutions for small and medium scale businesses, recently organized a webinar to discuss the amazing use of Office 365 for data/document sharing, access and backup. Headed by top members of the technical team, the webinar had a lot of surprises, including special offers and discounts on cloud based services. The company also answered many questions related to office 365 email hosting.

CloudnineRealtime is focused to make cloud solutions work with clients, remote teams and hosted services. The company offers a whole range of software solutions for clients, spotlighting the need for remote solutions. Sometime back in December, the management had announced a special webinar for prospective clients, new businesses and startups, to talk of office 365 hosting. Regular clients had expected to hear new discounts and offers, as the company has a habit of bringing pleasant surprises.

The webinar started with a quick brief of the Office 365. The team members added that Office 365 hosted by the company would mean unparalleled flexibility and choices. The head of the division added the service will be extremely handy for companies and smaller firms that are willing to integrate existing software into a cloud hosted environment from start to scratch. He added that office 365 email hosting will allow complete freedom to clients and team members of a company to have direct access to documents and data, as long as access is allowed.

Answering questions from attendees, the technical experts also discussed the possibilities with office 365 web hosting with regards to data backup. One of the team members added that being a web-based application, all the documents and related changes are automatically backed up and is scanned and protected from viruses. With Office 365, the files and documents will be accessible globally.

To add more to the webinar, the publicist joined the conversation and added that the company will offer special offers five selected clients for office 365 self hosting. Although he didn’t add a figure or number to the nature of the discount, it is expected to be big, given that the Cloudnine is known for unexpected offers.

About Cloudnine Realtime

CloudnineRealtime offers cloud solutions to clients globally and focuses on the exclusive needs of small and medium startups. Apart from unique options for cloud based applications, the company is also focused on offering affordable solutions, which are extremely scalable. Cloudnine is also known in the industry for their extensive support and customer assistance.

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