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Top 10 Surprising Uses for Running Belt Waist Packs in Winter

Top 10 Surprising Uses for Running Belt Waist Packs in Winter

Many people are enjoying the Running Belt Max, from fitness enthusiasts to skiers to theme park goers; anyone who wants to carry their essentials without added bulk.
Running belts have taken the fitness industry by storm, but there are many more uses for them than for just running.

The fanny packs of decades ago have a new name, and they’re called “running belts.” Running belts, or running waist packs, are essentially a fanny pack, but they’re slim in design, resist moisture, and are made for running or exercising.

They are designed to carry a cell phone, money, credit cards – and some, like the Running Belt Max, have extra pockets for keys, lip balm, energy packs, hand warmers, medications, and even a small wallet.

Don’t be mistaken: these running waist packs of today are nothing at all like their fanny pack cousins. Running belts usually have a sexier appeal to them and are very stylish. And most of them can be hidden underneath a shirt or jacket since they’re sleek in design and contour to the wearer.

The Running Belt Max has developed a large fan-base since its release on one year ago. Dave Chandler, the president of Running Belt Max, has seen large sales spikes of his running belt due to its broad popularity over the course of the year.

“One of the reasons our running belt is selling so quickly, is it’s not just runners who are using it — much to our surprise. Many people are enjoying the Running Belt Max, from fitness enthusiasts to skiers to theme park goers; anyone who wants to carry their essentials without added bulk,” said Dave Chandler.

Here are the top 10 uses for the Running Belt Max in the winter season, according to Chandler:

1. Running/Tread-milling: It’s what the Running Belt Max was designed for, and it’s no surprise the running community has favored it, and one popular product review website named it one of the top 10 best running belts released last year (source: From tread-milling to 10k participants, and even half and full-marathon runners, the running belt is preferred by many.

2. Skiing/snowboarding: Skiing and other snow-sport enthusiasts love their Running Belt Max because it’s great for keeping small gear handy while on the slopes. Sales for January 2017 have already surpassed last January’s sales, due to skiers and snowboarders who have found it to be useful gear, Chandler reports.

3. Hiking: Some say the Running Belt Max is the perfect hiking companion because of its low-profile and unobtrusive design. It’s perfect for carrying essentials like snacks, a smartphone, a compass, keys, etc. And, it comes with a free water bottle holder so users can carry their water hands-free.

4. Theme park adventures: There’s probably nothing worse than enjoying a water ride and becoming drenched, and then realizing your phone or other sensitive electronics are ruined. The Running Belt Max turns out to be the perfect theme park companion, as it’s sweat and splash-proof, and it’s resistant to rain even during the heaviest of downpours.

5. Cycling: Bikers and cyclers are enjoying the Running Belt Max. It has reflective zippers for safer low-light and no-light biking, and its low-profile design allows the user to lean forward without interference.

6. Camping: The Running Belt Max is essential for camping, because it can carry many useful items such as a pocket knife, hand warmers, fire starters, can openers, compasses and other small tools.

7. Shopping: Many women don’t want to lug their big purse around when they only want to carry money, ID, credit cards, medications, and other small items. The Running Belt Max team reports they’ve received many testimonials from users who enjoy their belt because it acts as an on-the-go “mini purse”.

8. Cruising: Chandler says people who go on cruises love the Running Belt Max because of it’s slim design, and it allows cruise passengers to carry their most important items without the bulky look and feel of a traditional fanny pack. The Lycra fabric that it’s made from is very soft and comfortable and users say they sometimes forget they’re wearing it making their cruise vacation more enjoyable.

9. Snowmobiling: What better way to keep extra hand warmers and other survival gear nearby than this waist pack? Most users do not even notice they have it on, even while sitting.

10. Dog walking: The pet-lover’s community loves the Running Belt Max, and it’s ideal for dog-walking. The main pouch can hold smartphones as large as the iPhone 6 / 7 Plus, and the two smaller pockets can hold treats and waist bags.

The Running Belt Max is available on To purchase the running belt or to find out more information about it, visit their Amazon product page directly here:

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